Face Mask Sheets

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Lately I've really been into Korean skin care products. I don't think I'll ever not be into Korean skin care products and here is why: They are always innovative. Essentially always creating skin care products that utilizes revolutionary technology and natural food, herbs, and plants to extract the best and highest concentration of vitamins and minerals that are absolutely necessary for maintaining beautiful skin.
The products from makeup to facemarks of many varieties the primary focus is always care for the skin first then beautify it. Care before beauty. Korean beauty products brings the expectation that you look your absolute best with or without makeup. So empress of virtue having tried so many is committed to bringing you our favorite Korean beauty products at unbeatable prices.
 I just have to put this last bit in there lol... I am very girl and all about being feminine and strong at the same time. And, Korean beauty products does just that. Their packing, scents, and overall presentation a peels to my extreme "girlyness," strength, which is part of Empress of Virtue's identity. 
  • 1. Aloe 2. Pomegranate 3. Lemon 4. Rice 5.Cucumber 8. Red ginseng
  • 9. Honey 10. Acai berry 11. Bamboo 12. Avocado 14. GreenTea
  • 23ml each

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