Denim Earrings, Denim Tulle Fan Earrings

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Is it fair to say that these Denim Tulle Fan earrings are my absolute favorite if I've said it about all the other earrings in this collection? 

Wow! Perhaps. But how can I resist. These earrings are incredibly lightweight and made with quality materials. These earrings are made with rose gold tulle made in the shape of a fan with denim strips in the shape our bows on both sides of the earrings. They are made complete with gold down metal casting bow and blush pink pearls. Like so many of the other denim earrings in my Denim Earrings Collection, these Denim Tulle Fan earrings are absolutely versatile. You make them fit you and your style. That's what I did, and that's how I've made them. 

All the earrings in my Denim Earrings Collection are my original designs, handmade, and one of a kind. Be Original, Be YOU! 

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