Denim Necklace, Phlox Denim Necklace

$ 27.00

Denim Necklace, Denim Flower Necklace, Phlox Denim Necklace, Pink Moon Denim Necklace, Floral Denim Necklace design, handmade denim necklace;

This Denim Necklace was inspired by the effortless beauty and delicacy of the Phlox or Pink Moon flowers. We all want something that is light and refreshing to wear in hot summer season, enters Empress of Virtue’s Phlox Denim Necklace. It is light and refreshing while whole maintaining quality and style. You will be hot, but it won’t be because of the heat. 

Original Design and Handmade by #EmpressofVirtue Phlox Denim Necklace is part of my Floral 2018 Summer Collection 

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