Pearly Whites

Earrings: Sold Out. 

I will make another pair. Stay connected and be the first know when they are available. 

Necklace: This necklace is an original design and handmade necklace by Empress of Virtue. The pearl in this necklace include glass pearls and simulated pearls made of quality materials. Rustic Swarovski crystal spacers and top quality simulated crystals helps to give this necklace the glitz that elevates its presentation. Charm complete the uniqueness of this necklaces. The charms are made of black stones and clear beading. Studded Pearl is held together on a sterling silver chain. // Studded Pearl Necklace $20 

Bracelets: The bracelets being worn are are combination of bracelets from Empress of Virtue. // Sparkle Stretchable Bracelet $3 // Bar Me $1 // Pearly Pearl $1 

Rings: Two incredible rings adds edge and contrast to complete this look. The first is our Black Gem Stainless Steel ring from our Sterling and Steel Collection. The second ring is our Crystal Ribbon ring. I must say picture do not do this ring justice. This ring is dripping in tiny swarovski crystals and as a result as soon as the light, any light, hits this ring it begins to shimmer. It really is a stunning ring. // Black Gem Stainless Steel Ring $20 // Crystal Ribbon Ring $8