Denim Earrings, Gazelle Blush Pink Denim Earrings

$ 15.00

These Gazelle Blush Pink Denim Earrings are so named because of there delicate and elongated beauty.

FYI: "The name gazelle is borrowed from the Arabic word “gazal”. It was often used in love poems in ancient Persia and was a symbol of Love. Gazelle is also used in Hebrew as a description of love and beauty as found in Song of Songs 8:14. 

To convey the delicate beauty of these Gazelle Blush Pink Denim Earrings, blush pink and rose gold tulle, pearls, and beads were used. 

**Along with all my other original designs and handmade denim earrings in this collection these Gazelle Blush Pink Denim Earrings are one of a kind. Be original. 

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