Denim Bow and Tassels Earrings

$ 18.00

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These earrings are made with an extra feminine touch, which as you get to know me you'll find is my trade mark. I absolutely adore cute, elegant, and feminine jewelry and accessories. I do not believe in giving up the cute, pretty, and feminine to achieve elegance and class. All these elements do work together. In these semi-casual Denim Bow earrings all the elements of femininity and elegance some together. As an added benefit, these Denim Earrings are original designs and handmade by me.

Adorning these earrings are two toned gold chain link tassels, crystal sphere spacer, and of course the denim bow.

While they were intentionally made to be semi-casual, you amazing fashionistas know you can pull off any genre of style with these earrings.

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