Denim and Pearl Denim Necklace

$ 60.00

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The Materials used and the design of this Denim and Pearls Necklace is absolutely breathtaking. Who knew denim could be so classy? This is a one of a kind original design and handmade Denim Necklace by Empress of Virtue. The Gold Plated curb chain is lightweight and, sturdy, and possesses and tarnish free longevity for up to two years. The delicate pink flowers stems in the center of the necklace is made from gold plated steel and all the glowers are completed with pink tone glass crystals. In the center, glass pearls in blush pink and rose pink are finished off with stands of the classic denim to finish off this astonishingly elegant denim necklace.

Let us not forget that this necklace is designed to be elegant and accessible, hence the spring closure on the side. Made easy to put on and take off. The best part is, because the two sides are made identical, no one which be able to easily discern where this necklace begins and where it ends. This will be our little secret.

Original Design and Handmade by #EmpressofVirtue part of my Floral 2018 Summer Collection

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