November Style High Light November 14 2017

Fiery Earrings


It is so easy to fall into the pattern of wearing only black in the dark winter months. I am no exception to that though I have purpose within myself to wear more brights colors during winter. I have found that it, among other things, helps to keep my mood alive. 

Nevertheless, if you tend to fall for the black clothing during the winter months but desire to add a splash of color, here are some tips you may incorporate: 

1. Add a collar shirt of any color to your black sweater, dress, or jacket

2. Adding a collar shirt allows you to accessorize with other colorful elements. In this case, I chose a complementary pink tie to go with the pastel pink collar shirt I was wearing. You may also choose a colorful collar necklace instead of a tie. 

3. Chose other colorful accessories to bring a little bit of sunshine to your winter blues.  These may include belts, purses, coats, stockings, etcetera. 

4. I also wore colorful earrings (Fiery Earrings) which complemented my pastel pink collar shirt and hot pink tie. 

It really makes a difference when we add color in our decor and in our outfits this time of year. I known this has been beneficial to me so I hope it will be for you as well. 

 Let me know your thoughts on adding colour during the dark winter months. 

 Nuff Love and Blessings, 


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