I Cannot Look at Denim the Same Way Again May 22 2018

Denim with a cause. I’m really loving my denim collections. It’s nice to design fashion jewelry and accessories that will actually mean something to someone. After attending the Denim After Dark event (checkout my Denim After Dark blog) I am unable to look at anything Denim in the same way again. This is a good thing.

In business and in life, it should be about people. Even more, with each design I contemplate how that particular piece of denim jewelry will impact whomever purchases it. Why did they choose it? How does this jewelry convey their thoughts and expectation for the look they are creating? By choosing a particular denim jewelry, are they too supporting Denim After Dark and Denim Days? Are they standing for something?

Denim after Dark and Denim Days are both bringing awareness to sexual assaults. I am thankful that my mind contemplates the persons who will be wearing each piece of my denim jewelry. I am thankful that I'm doing something I love and at the forefront is a conscious awareness of others.

Note To Self: Always challenge yourself to seek out Christ purpose for you and through you. Always challenge yourself to seek how Christ is using the gifts He has given you to minister to others, to challenge others, and to support each other.

Love and Blessings Always,


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