Empress of Virtue April 2018 Style Highlight Featuring Denim Earrings April 18 2018

The Denim Earrings in this picture is what started it all. I was part of a quilting club, though I can't quilt to save my life. This quilting club received a massive donation of denim of which they had spent the better part of year making some amazing denim quilts, bags, apron and more. With all that they made the denim pile was still massive. So, the club thought about donating some of the denim. It was at this time that I asked if I could take some home. I had no idea what I was going to do with them. Initially I thought, maybe I could make some denim  bags and purses. Though I like sewing jewelry making is thing. As you can imagine, it wasn't long before I abandoned the sewing project and began using the denim to make denim necklaces. Before I knew it I branched out and began experimenting with the idea of denim earrings. Out of this experiment came this amazing denim earrings and the rest is history. 
Denim has become my absolute favorite medium to use in making fashion jewelry and accessories. It's all about the denim. The Denim Love is Real.