After 6 Years In Business, Her Is What I have Learnt. June 21 2018



After 6 years as a Christian Entrepreneur/ Business owner, I have come to lean on three facts which I believe should be fundamental to all Christian entrepreneurs / business owners. These three facts are Christ First Above All, Christ's Timing, and Christ Definition of Success. All are based first on the word of God and second on my experience.

Christ First Above All.

When I was starting out I felt led by the Lord to start Empress of Virtue. This was not a business ministry I came up with. Yet, I was afraid to make Christ the head, and make it known that Empress of Virtue is not my own but the Lord’s. I would write devotionals or put inspiring words up on my various social media sights, but I would do my best to not make it sound overly Christian. Not only did I suffer because of the internal struggle and the fact that I preach that Christ should permeate every aspect of our lives, my business also struggled. My business struggled because it was not embracing its identity and if it cannot embrace its identity, it cannot embrace its purpose. I was convicted by the Holy Spirit to remember a. from whom was I gifted for this task; b. who is credited for supplying the needs of this business ministry; c. Do I really trust in the Lord or am I trusting in myself? 

Christ’s Timing. 

 In business, we sometimes expect overnight success. The reality is that success doesn’t happen overnight. If God calls us to a particular business or ministry or both, what makes us think that He is incapable of bringing about success in the right time? Whatever Christ calls us to, He will prepare us for. He took 40 years to train Moses in the wilderness, the same wilderness Moses later had to guide the children of Israel through. Abraham and Sarah were promised a son. Christ took well over 20 years to bless them with a Son at the right time. Wait on the Lord for His timing is perfect. 

Christ’s Definition Of Success.

Remember that Christ’s definition of success is radically different from the world’s definition of success. Satan thought He defeated Jesus on the cross, so also did the Pharisees and the other religious leaders at the time. Little did they know, the cross was part of His plan in order that all might be saved, even the ones who crucified Him. His plan and the success of His plan was revealed on the day of His resurrection. He conquered life and death. Sometimes in business and ministry, it may seem as if things are not working:  we are not making a profit; we are not where we want to be. The thing to remember is that Christ is in charge and as long as you are following His plan, you are right where you need to be. Christ’s success through you will be revealed at the perfect time. 1Corinthians 1:27 “But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.”