We are not just Mind. We are not just Body. We are not just Soul. January 12 2017, 0 Comments

We are not just Mind. We are not just Body. We are not just Soul. 

We are a complexity of 3 entity. When all 3 are being cared for they operate in unison, thus we operate in unison. We become beautiful inside and out.  We are more powerful, and our strength for the pilgrimage through this life is complete. The missing link is Jesus Christ without whom we are fragmented pieces pretending or oblivious to the fact that we are incomplete. 

Educate the Mind and neglect the body and the soul: we disintegrate into our own god-complex destroying ourselves and others with our fallible wisdom, and the stench of a morally bankrupt mind and body. Christ Said

Cleanse the body and neglect the mind and soul: we dress up an empty shell and a rotten corpse. Christ Said 

Yet to feed the Soul, the most vital entity of our humanity and the streams of Living Water cleanses us, nourishes us, grants us wisdom, and cause of face to glow with the radiance of God. Christ Said

Custom Body Necklace August 25 2016, 0 Comments

I really enjoyed working with Carlene in designing her wedding necklace. It was fun, exciting, and just amazing. 

This is a body necklace. Layers of pearls and Swarovski crystals adorns the clear stands. The front layers are shorter and drapes down in layers in the back. Her dress had a low cut in the back and the necklace was designed to somewhat match that. Handmade by Empress of Virtue. Fashion Jewelry and Accessories to  Complement the Already Beautiful You. #EmpressofVirtue