Christmas Gifts 2016 December 20 2016, 0 Comments

I love gifts! Who doesn't? The girlier, the more pink, and the more glitter it has, and sweet smell...seriously...that's me. 

Yet, as much as I delight in receiving gifts I always pause to think about the giver. How hard they worked to earn the money to purchase or make the gift.

I think about the giver and how carefully they thought about who I am and my likes and dislikes as they contemplated a gift for me.

I think about the giver and how they perhaps say to themselves, "this is so Sanette!" Perhaps they laughed a bit as the thought played in the heads or rolled off the tip of their tongues. 

I think about the giver and how they processed my reaction to the gift, the joy it would bring me, the delight I would have in it, and how appreciative I would be for "it" whatever "it" is. 

I wonder, as Christ contemplated giving us the greatest gift- 

1. How hard He worked even sacrificing His life to give us this gift 

2. How He thought about each and every one of us individually even before we were born. And, collectively, how might we delight in His gift together and share it with others.

3. What humor flooded the Onipotent God as He contemplated where, and when we will be when we receive His gift in our hearts? For some it is in church, others perhaps at home on the toilet, some in our vehicles, some while taking walk and we can think of countless other possibilities examples some funnier than others. On the other hand, what pain floods our Saviour's heart when He knows that no matter how He thinks about us and sacrificed His life for us, some will look at Him and say, "no thanks"? Others might not be so polite, they may just slam the door in His face as He stands of their steps with His life outstretched in His hands. 

How will you respond to the most valuable gift in the entire world that money, bribe, corruptions, cunning, and seducing cannot buy? The gift that is untainted and undefiled by anything in this world?


Nuff Love,